Australia’s Most Comfy Designer Dog Beds

Do you love your pet, but are getting fed up with all the fur it is leaving on your blankets and linen? As much as you love your dog, it would be less messy and far more comfortable for you to invest in one of our Australian made luxury dog beds. Not only is there less fur and no more doggy smell, but your canine buddy can curl up in a comfy space of its own.

Why our products are great for your pooch

Here at Sasha and Me, we absolutely love dogs and we want them to be as comfortable as possible while they snooze away. You can watch them with their eyes closed as they dream away about chasing cats and getting a big, meaty bone to chew on. It is a sight to behold, and one of the many adorable things you will see them do. When you see these cute little pups all snuggled up in one of our little or large luxury beds, you will agree that it is indeed a dog’s life.

Small, medium or large… The options are endless!

Although human mattresses come in fairly limited shapes and sizes, our designer dog beds can come in many wacky shapes and designs. You have a variety to choose from at our store in Australia, with standard flat mattresses, colourful cushions or cute baskets for your pup to get cozy in.

Our baskets come with handles so you can easily lift it, especially if your pal needs to go outside and has a tendency to run off if you try to grab them. We can deliver our small or large luxury dog beds anywhere in Australia or overseas, and it will arrive right at your doorstep ready for your pooch to enjoy.

So if you are looking for something that your little furry friend can sleep, look no further than Sasha and Me. Our beautiful beds offer the best comfort for pets in Australia and around the world. Take a look at our range of products online or contact us on 0414 454 360 for more information.



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