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You pride yourself on how your house looks like. You've spent hours researching and shopping for the right pieces of furniture that work for your interior. But when it comes to buying a bed or something else for your beloved pet, nothing in the market quite seems to satisfy your taste or suit your requirements.

Either it clashes with the furniture you already have or the design is uninspiring and even a bit boring. Surely there's something better than paw prints or dog bones as the design for a pet product? Something possibly more stylish, that you wouldn't want to hide when friends come over to visit?

Introducing Sasha & Me, the pet products company with fashionable products for pets and pet lovers. No longer will you have to search forever to buy something for your pet that is affordable, high quality, and that works for your interior.

At Sasha & Me, we differentiate itself in a variety of ways, but one of our key points is that our products are eco-friendly. We live on a planet with limited resources and are unfortunately putting a heavy strain on our environment. This is why we believe it's important to purchase products made in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Our products use eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton or linen for our covers and recycled PET bottles for our stuffing. It helps to keep chemicals out of our soil and water, toxins out of our products and waste out of the world's landfills. We save around 70 water bottles from ending up on a landfill for every kg of fiber we use!

This also means our products are 100% non-allergenic and completely non-toxic (as certified by a third-party), so you don't have to worry about your pet receiving a dose of toxins or having allergy problems every time it sleeps (or naps).

But this doesn't mean Sasha & Me skimps on quality. On the contrary, our products are hand-made by skilled artisans with a strong love for their work. We focus on quality and minimalist, modern design that works for you and your interior.

We're proud to work with ethical and sustainable producers from all over the world. For each step in our supply chain, our producers give something back to the world by being ethical and sustainable. It's important that our products aren't just perfect for your four-legged friends, but also that they're good for the world around us and that they help support local communities.

So we're very excited to announce that Sasha & Me is now launching on Lazada in Thailand. You no longer need to browse the Internet for hours to find beautiful pet products. Instead, you can go to your favorite e-commerce shop and find our products there.

Shop around, give your pet that high-quality product it deserves, made in such a way it won't harm the environment, will fit perfectly in your interior, and is priced for affordable luxury. Let's treat our pets and the environment the way they deserve it, with Sasha & Me products on

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